On top of providing urgent delivery services between the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, Pronto Courier Services also delivers to regional towns across Southeast Queensland and beyond. Urgent requests can be made for these services, which involve our courier visiting locations that other everyday couriers won’t service.

We require our couriers to stop and rest for approximately 15 minutes for every two hours they travel, keeping our rider and your parcel safe from harm. We’re happy to deliver long distances, and for this reason our couriers are occasionally required to stay overnight. We factor these expenses into our quotes so you’ll never be surprised by hidden costs.

Our Service

At Pronto Courier Services, we take pride in our ability to deliver your items safely and efficiently. We’re able to carry anything from documents through to small tools, right up to a pallet load of goods weighing up to 600kg. As long as it’s legal, non-flammable, non-living and not dangerous, we’re here for you!

This service is available for those in regional areas, e.g. properties or locations with sealed roads. These urgent deliveries often include areas that everyday couriers do not service.

We require the customer to ensure the parcel is packaged appropriately for transportation.

During extreme weather conditions or busy periods, we may use a van to make a delivery.

Request a quote for your next regional delivery from info@prontocourierservices.com.au today. Send us any enquiries you have about the job and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.