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If you’re in need of a custom made delivery service, look no further than Pronto Courier Services. This service may be at a particular time each day, each week or we’re able to tailor make a delivery service just for your requirements. We’re able to make sure that a courier will be available at any preset time of your choosing.

Who We Deliver To?

We deliver to both businesses and private residences provided roads are sealed.  Some couriers only deliver to businesses, but we also deliver to hospitals, schools, nursing homes, doctor’s surgeries etc.

Carrying Capacity

Our motorcycles can carry up to 9kg.  The waterproof, dustproof and locked compartment has internal dimensions of 45cm long x 30cm wide x 25cm high.

We have a van available for larger items.  The van’s carrying capacity is 140cm long x 120cm wide x 105cm high with maximum weight capacity of 600kg.  An Australian size pallet also fits inside.

What’s Included?

Insurance, tamper proof satchels, all road tolls, electronic signatures on pick-up and delivery, photographic evidence of delivery if required, notification by phone call or text once delivery is completed.

To find out more, send an enquiry to info@prontocourierservices.com.au.