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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes the information we collect about you and how that information may be used. Much of the information we collect is the same information collected, evaluated and maintained when you transact business with Pronto Motorcycle Couriers offline. Such information may relate to the establishment of a credit account and personal information such as names and addresses necessary to fulfil our delivery commitments.

Pronto Motorcycle Couriers is committed to its customers privacy and will only collect the minimum information necessarily required to complete our delivery functions for you and enhance our service to you. If you are an account client, not using credit card payment, this information will generally consist of the information regarding you and your pick-up and delivery addresses which you enter into our system when booking a delivery job.

This information may also consist of the email addresses of you and your recipients. This information will be used for the delivery functions as booked through Pronto Motorcycle Couriers and will remain in our system to facilitate your booking service, thereby eliminating the re-entering of frequently used information.

General statistical information may also be gathered and used to enhance the service offered by Pronto Motorcycle Couriers. Such information is used in aggregate with all other customers and does not relate to individual customers. Information will not be divulged to third parties without your express consent. Customer information including names and addresses will never be sold or licensed to third parties.

Credit Accounts

If you establish a credit account with us, we may collect some additional information from you in order to assess your credit. This process may include divulging certain information to a credit reference company. This process will be described in more detail if you want to establish a credit account.

Credit Card Payments

Pronto Motorcycle Couriers banks with CBA (Commonwealth Bank of Australia) and uses MYOB’s PayDirect Online Facility for the processing of credit card payments. No details of your credit card are retained within the Pronto Motorcycle Couriers system.