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We aim to get your item delivered as quickly and as safely as possible. Once we receive your enquiry details via the 'Get A Quote' page, we will advise whether a courier is available immediately or how long before one will be available. As you can understand, there are many factors which prevent us from giving you an exact time of pick up and drop off of your parcel, such as traffic (peak traffic versus quiet times), road works, and the day of the week.  If your parcel’s delivery time exceeds an hour, we will inform you of it's progress via text message.

We service both the business and private sector. 

We only accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express card payments via a secure online payment facility. This payment link will be shown on your email (green PAY NOW button in top right hand corner). This email also has a copy of your invoice attached. The Courier will only be despatched once payment has been received.

Go to the 'Get A Quote' page where you will see an online enquiry form to fill out.  A quote will then be sent to you within 10 minutes and should you accept the quote, an invoice will be sent to you.  After invoice has been paid, the courier is booked.

We have insurances to cover any unforeseen circumstances. 

Our goal is to get your parcel directly from A to B as quickly and efficiently as possible, without any other diversions.  We are a premium service which takes on one delivery at a time, unlike everyday couriers who can carry hundreds of parcels.